He Who Chased The Train

A coming-of-age feature film directed by Vanshaj Kapur.

The film, “He Who Chased The Train” deals with the greyness of life’s various situations and how people struggle to deal with them. The film’s protagonist Rusty, on his trip to India from London, finds himself caught in a situation, where he is on the brink of jeopardising a true friendship. The film explores human relationships, their complexities, sexuality and intellectualism.

Vanshaj Kapur, the 22-year old director and producer of his debut film, explores the complications of human relationships. The cast stars Kush Khera, Dhruv Sehgal, Aban Shetty and Kanika Dang. The film was shot by Aditya Akash and edited by Mayank Susgni.