C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons – #MyWayMyStyle

We worked with 6 incredible women who rule social media and pop culture in Bangalore and styled them to their own aesthetic. #MyWayMyStyle features role models from all industries like fitness, creative arts, fashion, and radio, celebrating their personalities through Instagram stories.


The campaign was to mainly build a new age thought for the brand, and take them away from being perceived as a brand with only heritage designs that are made for the older generation. It broke away from traditional jewellery ads by featuring real woman in real situations.


Creative Director: Vanshaj Kapur
Producer: Kaushal Thakkar
Art Director: Pragnya Venkatesh
Stylist: Ritu Arya
Photographer: Debjyoti Das
Film DOP: Bharath Parashuram
MUA: Shefali Surve
Models: Ritu Arya, Nilu Thapa, Shagufta Ahmed, Roshini Kumar, Swetha Devraj, Alicia Souza